Mother Ocean

Dolphin family. Santa Barbara Channel, Southern California.

Leaning over the kayak, I peer down amber stalks of kelp growing from the ocean floor. Nearby, a sea lion surfaces – we consider each other amid gentle, early-fall rollers making their way to shore. 

As the wave set passes, a dozen dolphins appear suddenly, crowding my kayak. Their collective energy kicks my adrenaline switch, charging my arm hairs into static attention. I worry that they might bump my small craft, ejecting me into the center of their pod. Instead, they offer up a newborn calf as big as my forearm; her vulnerable body cradled by a muscled mass of flippers. 

Awestruck, I look to the sea lion for confirmation that this is really happening. The pinniped’s head pokes up through floppy kelp leaves as he peers over my bow to get a better look. We admire the pearl-grey infant in unison as the dolphin tribe puffs through blowholes, coating my face and arms with sea spray.   

“Beautiful baby!” I say. 

They emit a prideful beam before slowly moving their newborn parade downcoast. 

One month later, I discover I’m pregnant. 

"Our ocean home."

I arrive home with my swaddled newborn in early summer and stand on the porch as a salty breeze grazes her tender cheeks. 

“Home,” I whisper, “Our ocean home.” 

Just offshore, a small pod of dolphins pauses in the kelp forest.  I hold my daughter up so they can see her; she bats her gossamer eyelashes, reflecting tiny rainbows from the sun. A dolphin leaps. My pride crashes over the swell rolling between us and I can’t help but think that the jumping dolphin is a mama like me.

A feeling of motherly kinship stirs deep in my cells;  in that moment, I resolve to devote myself to protecting the ocean home that nurtures her baby and mine.

About adventuremama

An outdoor travel writer, adventure guide and mother.
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3 Responses to Mother Ocean

  1. Laughinagain says:

    Love it. I feel a connectedness with you, mamma!

  2. The magical story of how Lil Mama began her spiritual journey with the help of her ocean friends.

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